Sunday, February 6, 2011

Still can't decide!

Well I only have 3 days and still do not have a clue what to get hubby for his birthday. Time is really running out! We are def. going out of town for the weekend but can't figure out where to go either. I really hate being a Libra. For the life of me can't make a decision one way or another haha.  A little about me I really HATE football! Do not know why just do. Do not understand any of it. Why do they run around the field aimlessly just laying all over each other, the point please?   On another note still can't figure out what I want to be? Any ideas? I really want someone to talk to meee, people!!! please!!!??? I have been dabbling in affiliate marketing, or should I say checking it out. Basically in the reading and learning stage. But it really looks like something I may be able to :) a very exciting adventure starting.

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